Armed Forces personnel and their families encouraged to register to vote

The Electoral Commission, in partnership with the Ministry of Defence, have just launched an information campaign for members of the Armed Forces and their families to encourage them to register to vote. A mailing of information leaflets, posters and resource CDs is currently winging its way to every military unit around the globe.

During October and November, Unit Registration Officers within each unit will be leading 'registration days' where personnel will be encouraged to register, and they will be able to ask questions about registration, elections and voting. The Commission is encouraging Electoral Registration Officers to work with military units to get personnel registered.

The leaflet Register to vote – voting information for members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and their families can be downloaded or ordered in hard copy from the Do Politics Centre.

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Although there are no more elections scheduled for 2008, elections can be called at any time and at short notice, so make sure you’re registered to vote so you can have your say!

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